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Founded in 1984, The Arthritis Research Institute of America (ARIA) is a publicly funded, non-profit organization overseen by a Board of Directors. Recently, ARIA completed the Clearwater Osteoarthritis Study (COS), a 25-year epidemiological study focused on the risk factors for osteoarthritis. Using information gleaned from the COS and other studies on diseases of aging, the now Arthritis and Wellness Institute (AWI) utilizes a multi-faceted approach to wellness. We support individuals and families in improving and maintaining healthy lifestyle habits to maximize quality of life, maintain independence, and reduce pain during the latter third of their lifespan.

Three broad areas of lifestyle, EATing, MOVing, and RELAXing, were identified in the Clearwater Osteoarthritis Study as important in preventing, managing, and to some extent, treating arthritis and most diseases of aging. Subsequently, they all have been linked to improved quality of life and have now become the foundation of the programs devised by the Arthritis and Wellness Institute.