Don Bitting's

Don Bitting’s testimonial on how our functional fitness program has helped him recover from surgery and reduce his pain. This program has also proven beneficial for our client who suffer from arthritis and other forms of joint and muscle pain. All of our programs are designed to improve the wellness and health of our patrons.

Vigi Moondra

Vigi has been with AWI on and off for personal reasons. She has come back and had a great experience both times.

Holly Young

Holly is happy with here experience in our Yoga program. She says she is able to have a relaxing and wonderful day after attending a class.

Maxine Bitting's

Maxine previously had issues dealing with pain created by her osteoarthritis, knee injections, and shoulder replacement. Through our functional fitness program Maxine has been able to reduce the pain that she had previously endured while improving her overall heath.

Guerry Thode

Guerry explains his experience on how the functional fitness class has given him the ability to have a speedy recovery. He also explains how the nutrition class has brought everything together for him.

Jack Mayer

Jack explains how the functional fitness class has improved his ability to do more and walk father. Jack recently had knee surgery and the functional fitness course has given him the ability to speed the recovery along.

Keith & Linda McMullen

Both Keith and Linda have been attending the nutritional program for about 1 year. Watch the video to hear what they think about AWI’s nutritional program.

Helen Ross

Helen has Parkinson’s disease, she has found that taking part in our functional fitness program has given her the ability to maintain her lifestyle and her neurologist is pleased with her progress.

Sherry Thode

Sherry has been recovering from a broken leg. She has worked with our coaches on speeding her recovery. She has brought 6 friends in addition to developing friends in our facility.

Eve Fraser

Eve explains here experience doing functional fitness and how it has helped her in her daily life. Additionally we are happy to have Eve as a volunteer here at AWI.

Peggy Cutkomp

Peggy has joined our functional fitness class to prevent her osteoarthritis from becoming worse. Also she has been working with one of our coaches to improve her posture and treat a dowager’s hump. She feels much better about her posture now.

Libby Burke

Libby explains how the functional fitness program has helped her commit to a workout routine. She explains how she had a surgery and it prevents her from lifting her arm though through the functional fitness program it has helped her regain strength and improved her running and biking. Additionally she has referred 5 of her friends so that she can work out with them.