At the Arthritis and Wellness Institute (AWI) strives to improve your way of life in all aspects. Through our “Eat. Move. Relax.” programs we provide three vital outlets for lifestyle changes to improve everyday functioning in “older adults”.

Benefits you will receive with each course:

  • Increased independence through improved strength/mobility in joints, muscles, tendon/ligaments, and stamina.
  • Core stability and strength, resulting in better posture and balance.
  • Nutritional knowledge for making smarter, healthier choices that fit into your everyday life.
  • Combating various diseases associated with unhealthy eating through heart healthy recipes and education.
  • Learn methods of calming your mind during our meditation educational periods.

Additional Benefits:

  • Complimentary Blood Pressure Screenings, Body Composition Analysis, Cooking Demonstrations.
  • One-on-one opportunities with our own Registered Dietitian to make better individual choices.
  • Functional fitness classes in a group-dynamic environment created by a physical therapist and instructed by qualified personal trainers alongside our physical therapist.

Membership Dues: $25/month

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If you would like help with your diet while you are with us, the starting point is here:

  1. Complete a 3 Day Food Journal that gives us a good picture of what you eat eachmeal, and what types of snacks you consume.
  2. Turn in your 3 Day Food Journal to our Dietitian.
  3. We will review your journal and set up a time to meet with you and discuss it before or after one of your classes.