Movement Decreases Blood Pressure

Small Amounts of Easy Activities can reduce high blood pressure, fast!

The American College of Sports Medicine reports that movement can decrease blood pressure, both the top and bottom numbers, by 5-7 points. Even better news, the drop can happen in as little as 3-4 weeks!

Even short amounts of exercise can be beneficial. 3 ten minute sessions are as good as one session that lasts 30 minutes. Activities like gardening, housekeeping, taking the stairs and walking the dog all count.

Start now by marching briskly in place for 5 minutes. Use a wall clock or a wristwatch to keep track of your time. After 5 minutes, take a deep breath and smile!

You’re on your way to lowering your blood pressure without medication!

Check out our handy tools for increasing movement, including exercise videos and our easy Sitting Fit program.

Move – Tools for Lowering High Blood Pressure