Ethnicity Can Make You More Susceptible to HBP

More African Americans Have HBP and Develop it at Younger Ages

African Americans had the highest rates of HBP of any of the race / ethnic groups studied, followed by Native Americans / Alaskans. Asian and Hispanic or Latino Americans had the lowest rate. Men and women had approximately the same rate for each race / ethnic group. However, African American women had the highest rates.

Race / Ethnic GroupMenWomen
Non-Hispanic African American43%47%
Native American / Alaskans39%*30%*
Non-Hispanic Caucasian Americans33%31%
Mexican Americans30%29%
Asian Americans19%19%
Hispanic or Latino Americans22%22%

*Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) was defined in terms of National Health and Nutrition blood pressure measurements and interviews, with the exception of the Native American / Alaskan data which was self-reported. Derived from the data presented by Heidenreich et al 2013 and Barnes et al 2010.

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