Relaxation, Simplified

Introduction to the relaxation recipe

You will find practical suggestions for making a few simple lifestyle changes and the tools for making those changes in The Relaxation Recipe. You will also learn about personality types and how to best deal with other people.

This Relaxation Recipe helps us in making mindful choices and taking practical steps to relieve stress, and very importantly, it enables us to make more conscious and thoughtful choices about our food intake and our physical activities that are so important to a healthy lifestyle.

We become more active and energetic, because learning to relax with the Lower Your Blood Pressure Relaxation Recipe brings on a wonderful sense of well-being – knowing we have taken control of our lives and are now taking active steps to lower our blood pressure.

This is a simplified version of our blog post “The Relaxation Recipe – A RECIPE FOR SUCCESS IN JUST ABOUT ALL ASPECTS OF LIFE“. You can read the entire article in our blog by Clicking Here.

Take Time To Relax

Listen to soothing music and stress relief guided meditations on a regular basis. This can establish a new relaxation habit and inner-calm that makes daily life easier to handle.

Identify Stress Triggers

Assess just what circumstances, events and people are triggers for stress. Set new personal boundaries to help yourself avoid these stress triggers as much as possible.


It takes all kinds. Learn about the 4 major personality types and how you can reduce a stressful response to them at home, work and play.

Consider the Source

If stress shows up unexpectedly, consider who or what caused it. Sometimes all it takes is a moment’s reflection on the issue at hand to reduce stress.