Potassium (k+)

A Healthy Diet with Enough Potassium Lowers High Blood Pressure

The average daily requirement of potassium is 4700mg. However, average Americans only consume about 200mg in their daily diets. One banana a day (420mg) just isn’t enough, but a simple sweet potato has over 800mg.

Potassium is your partner in keeping blood pressure in the normal range. It’s a potent weapon in the fight against high blood pressure. If you’ve read the truth about salt, you know that excess sodium can raise blood pressure. But did you know that potassium actually helps your body excrete excess sodium through urine and out of the body? Potassium also helps relax blood vessel walls, which can help lower blood pressure.

Did you know…

Get More Potassium

Research has shown that two weeks of the DASH eating plan, with lowered salt and enough potassium will lower your blood pressure.

Potassium Rich Foods

Avocados, sweet potatoes and beans are all loaded with potassium. Don’t leave the store without them!

Yummy Yogurt

1 cup of yogurt has about 370 mg of potassium, a cup of milk has about 380.

In addition to bananas, sweet potatoes and avocados, apricots, prunes and oranges are all significant sources of potassium. Because potassium also plays a role in regulating the fluids in your body, it’s not a good idea to start or stop potassium supplements without first talking with your doctor. Be cautious about using salt substitutes as well as many of them are made from potassium.

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