Lower Your Blood Pressure with Deep Relaxation

Deep Relaxation, A Quiet Mind, Harp Harmony and Rhythmic Tones

Guided meditation is another way for a beginner to learn to meditate. While listening to calming music or natural sounds, you are guided through the steps of meditating. We’ve prepared 5 minute guided mediations with different background music or sounds for you to try.

Using the guided meditations we’ve provided makes it easy to meditate in the comfort of your home or where ever you choose. Be sure to select a comfortable chair or position. It helps to have a place free from other distractions, so choose a location where you can spend a few moments of quiet time, away from conversations and activities.

We’ve added an extra feature to the four recordings available below. In addition to the music or nature sounds, we’ve added binaural tones. Binaural tones have slightly different pitches that our brain harmonizes into a new tone. The process of doing this slows our brain waves down even more, increasing relaxation. To take advantage of this added feature, please use headphones.

Are you ready to relax?!

Deep Relaxation

Let the soothing music guide you into a state of deep relaxation. Let it help to relax your mind and body while listening to the soft music and serene choir sounds as they float above the soothing backdrop of binaural tones. Now sit back, listen, and relax.

Living Healthy Deep Relaxation

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A Quiet Mind

Let the sounds of ocean waves lapping gently and rolling onto the shore calm you as you follow the guided mediation. Let the binaural tones deepen your sense of relaxation.

Living Healthy A Quiet Mind

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Harp Harmony

Experience peace and calm as fingers dancing across the strings of a harp in perfect harmony with nature sounds. Let the binaural tones lead you into further relaxation.

Living Healthy Harp Harmony

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Rhythmic Tones

As your listen to the soothing tones and percussion, the guided meditation leads you through steps to deep relaxation. Let the rhythmic and binaural tones work in concert to calm your mind and body.

Living Healthy Rhythmic Tones

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A note about binaural tones…

When we introduce binaural tones into a meditation, we call upon the frontal lobes of our brains to harmonize the two slightly different tones that we are hearing. When we hear this in stereo, the frequency of the tone in one ear is slightly higher than in the other ear, we also “hear” a binaural tone that is not in the recording. In the process of producing this harmonic tone, our brain waves slow down increasing our relaxation response.

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