Meditation Has Never Been Easier

Meditation begins with relaxation techniques

Have trouble just relaxing? Find the very idea of meditating a bit mind-boggling? You’re not alone. As long as meditation has been around, there has been myth and misunderstanding about it. Meditation actually is a simple approach to improving concentration, managing stress and training the brain to make mindful choices. The relaxation experienced in meditation can also lower your blood pressure. This simple idea can become one of the tools you use to successfully keep your blood pressure lower.

What is Meditation?

The word meditation derives from two Latin words that simply mean 1) To Focus the Mind and 2) To Heal.

So meditation is about quieting the mind by giving it an exercise or an object to focus on – such as following the flow of our breath, and experiencing the calming and healing effect of this practice. Meditation is also about enjoying the relief from the stress of a busy mind in today’s busy world. Less stress can help lower your blood pressure.

Here are a few starter tips:

  • Notice your breathing. Focus your attention on the flow of inhaling and exhaling. For the first few breaths, say to yourself, “I am inhaling”, and, “I am exhaling,” as you breathe. And then simply keep coming back to following your breath. Do it just one time, and you’re officially a mediator. Even a few minutes a day of this simple relaxation technique will bring calming and healing effects.
  • Variations on the breathing techniques include simply taking a few deep breaths, or counting to 4 on the inhale and stretching the exhale to 7 counts. This will help deepen out breathing and can bring exhilarating feelings. Then…
  • Relax the muscles around the eyes and let that relaxation progress through face, neck, back, arms and hands, chest and stomach, gluts, quads, knees, calves, ankles and feet.
  • Tighten both fists. Hold for a count of 5 and slowly release and relax. Let that relaxation flow all through your body.
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