Introducing The Simplified DASH Eating Plan

What you chose to eat affects your chances of developing high blood pressure

DASH, short for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, is an eating plan developed by the National Institutes of Health over many years. It has been well tested. Following the DASH program for a mere 2 weeks, and eating less salt, has been shown to reduce blood pressure.

That’s great news for many people with high blood pressure. Here are some other steps you can take everyday to help control high blood pressure:

  1. Maintain a healthy weight

  2. Be moderately physically active on most days of the week

  3. Follow a healthy eating plan which includes plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as other foods that are low in sodium

  4. If you drink alcohol, do so in moderation

  5. If you have high blood pressure and are prescribed medication, take it as directed

Adopting the DASH eating plan doesn’t have to be difficult. Start by using our DASH to Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner menus for the first two weeks.

Here are some other tips for your first two weeks:

  1. If you already eat 1-2 servings of vegetables per day, add a serving at lunch, then at dinner

  2. If you don’t eat fruit, or only drink fruit juice, add one serving of fruit to your lunch or use it as a snack

  3. Read the nutrition labels on foods and choose those lowest in sodium

  4. Treat meats as only part of a whole meal, not the focus (adding that extra serving of vegetables at lunch and/or dinner is a great way to do this)

  5. Fresh fruits require little or no preparation. Try carrying an apple or a banana as a snack during the day, instead of processed food snacks which are often high in sodium

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